Django Girls

(Many thanks to @FloorDrees for the photos!)

Spoiler alert: It was amazing and I had a wonderful time.

The lovely people at PyLadies Vienna organized an introductory workshop to Django. It was open to everyone, so I was happy to join in and give both Python and Django a try.

Django Girls

(The goodies were everywhere!)

In it, we used the official Django Girls tutorial, which I found great to work with.

When it came to installing Django, I was warned of dragons ahead, but I think I got lucky and came out unharmed. The instructions were clear and easy to understand.

I was especially impressed by the concept of Virtual Environments. It allows me to work on separate projects, each having their own Python environment. It’s awesome!

Did I mention lunch? Because that was a welcome surprise!

Django Girls

(And a yummy one, at that!)

Towards the end of the workshop, @kermit666 gave a “Where to go next” talk on the Cookiecutter utility for templating Django apps, Yeoman and other related goodies.

I highly enjoyed this workshop, and I’m grateful to the organizers, sponsors and fellow attendees. Count me in for coaching next time!

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