Carmen Huidobro

(she/her) | Developer Relations, Technical Content and OSS

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I help companies create effective DevRel strategies, build successful apps, and craft developer-centric educational material.

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  • 🇨🇦 English spoken
  • 🇨🇱 Se habla Español
  • 🇦🇹 Deutschsprachig
  • 🇫🇷 Eh... bof


Developer Relations Strategy

I'll help you create an actionable plan to bring awareness and adoption for your tech tools.

Developer Content Creation

I'll work together with your engineers and content team to create consistent, high quality video or written content.

Full-Stack Software Engineering

Be it Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, mobile, web, IoT or more, I'll help you plan and execute your MVPs.

DevRel Training

Let's upskill your DevRel team with training in public speaking, technical writing, community management and more.

Open Source Community Strategy

I'll set you up to thrive in the open source ecosystem through tailored strategies that foster community engagement, accelerate development, and drive business impact.

Product Launches

Setting you up to strategically orchestrate tech product launches with targeted planning, precise execution, and customer-centric focus.

Developer Experience

I'll give you a full audit of your product's DevEx, creating action items and directions to overcome hurdles and succeed in onboarding and wow'ing developers.


Together we'll audit, improve and/or revamp your documentation to fit modern industry standards.


Carmen is a great engineer, very resourceful when it comes to dealing with new technologies (software & hardware) and an all around wonderful person to hang out with!

— Dražen Lučanin, developer, data analyst and the founder of Punk Rock Dev

If you’re hosting an event, looking to educate folks on a particular skill set, or seeking to build empathetic, inclusive, and engaged spaces — look no further than Carmen!

— Erin Mikail Staples, Developer Advocate

Carmen is a fantastic educator. He has the uncanny ability to explain coding-related things in easy-to-understand ways and perfectly adapted to the learner’s skill level and way of thinking.

Kai Katschthaler, Developer Content Specialist

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